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Pick up the phone and become part of A Call to Heal. This unique radio show provides its listeners with the opportunity to heal themselves, thus healing this reality. Earth and her inhabitants are suppressed and primarily suffering. We spend our lives enslaved to money, our jobs, illness, and entangled relationships never quite attaining the illusive success and freedom we seek.
Through connection with Infinite Awareness, the co-hosts, Julia and Karolee, bring forth information and energy, to its listeners, to literally enable them to change their body’s well-being.  Listeners are encouraged to call in for specific individual healings that will aid everyone on the call. If you are seeking freedom and looking to change your life and this world, this energetic show can be the impetus to assist you in creating a new reality.
Karolee Schloth and Julia Stubbe are two extraordinary energy movers that have helped many heal their bodies and change their lives.
When these two healing forces combine their energy fields, watch out, as powerful things happen.
Julia is known for her transformational artwork as well as her potent individual and group energetic healings. When she directs her energy your way, all of your bodies react. You can feel life force moving through you!
Karolee’s life changing retreats and powerful meditations, energy sessions and classes have aided many in connecting with Infinite Awareness to heal and discover their own gifts to live a purposeful life.
Together, these two woman have co- hosted The Energetic Toybox, and now A Call to Heal, as well as lead individual and group energy healings.
The information on this program does not replace the advice of a qualified heath care practitioner and it is not intended as medical advice.  Any information and products discussed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  If you have a medical condition, consult your physician before using any recommendations or nutritional products discussed on this radio show.
Julia and Karolee offer individual healing transformation sessions as well as monthly group healing sessions. For more on this and the other services they offer or to contact them please visit awarenessbeyond.com

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Julia on 21.11.2016 / Reply

We appreciate everyone who listens and calls in. In gratitude. Karolee and Julia

Erica on 01.02.2017 / Reply

I called this past Monday. I was a little skeptical but open to the idea. I have worked with other healers and I have never experienced something like this. I could actually feel the energy shift as we talked live on the radio. The issues I work towards healing are my insecurities and trust. Since the healing I have noticed a sense of relief . I thanks both of these women for helping me move forward and shedding this baggage that held me back. Definitely a great experience and i recommend working with them.

Julia on 03.02.2017 / Reply

Thank you so much Erica for the wonderful feed back. We are so grateful that you called in and allowed yourself to heal, by you calling in not only are you healing yourself you are facilitating a healing for all of our listeners. Much love Karolee and Julia

Mike on 06.02.2017 / Reply

Julia & Karolee,

After being guided to call in today, my healing was a very pleasant surprise. It was not only felt, but hit areas that needed the work. You two are a great powerful team.

Tess Simpson-Jensen on 13.02.2017 / Reply

Julia & Karolee,
Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gifts with humanity, we are all better people for it….
after calling in to ask for assistance with residual energies trapped within my liver and kidneys, I felt a release from my organs as they were being worked on. The bonus was a rusty spike that was etherically released from my third eye, that was incredible my head ache I was having left as the spike was removed… gotta love it, can’t make this stuff up 🙏🏼

Julia on 06.03.2017 / Reply

Tess – Thank you so much for calling in and leaving such a wonderful message for us. We are so grateful for you and appreciate the love and support you give us. Much love Julia and Karolee

karolee on 13.02.2017 / Reply

Thank you for this beautiful response! We are so grateful to you for calling in and being a part of healing ourselves and others.
Much love,
Karolee and Julia

James Alexander on 14.02.2017 / Reply

Julia and Karolee are powerful healers. I’ve called into the show several times and always had a profound healing. Afterward I feel lighter, happier, and more myself. They know just what I need to let go of or integrate more of into my life. I highly recommend calling in to the show. You’ll learn how to heal yourself, manifest, and generally live a more authentic life.

Julia on 06.03.2017 / Reply

James – Thank you so much for taking the time to call in and for also leaving such a beautiful testimonial. We so appreciate you. Much Love Julia and Karolee

Anne on 14.02.2017 / Reply

Karolee & Julia,

Thank you so much for your healing. I was guided to call for a healing after some physical pain issues. I’m so glad I did. I am grateful for the insight and healing you provided to me today. The healing session will allow me to move forward and rid myself of things that no longer serve me from so long ago. I will continue to use the healing methods you suggested for further healing or when I need a boost! Thank you again for a beautiful experience.

Tom on 16.02.2017 / Reply

You guys are amazing!

Julia on 06.03.2017 / Reply

Tom – Thank you so much for calling in and leaving such positive feedback. Much Love Julia and Karolee

Christine Bishop on 20.02.2017 / Reply

I have called now twice, and each time I have gained a world of beautiful healing, insight, and clarity. The over-the-phone connection is incredibly powerful during the guided imagery as well as the one-on-one healing sessions for callers. I have actually felt my entire core shift in ways that are unwordly – cannot seem to find the right words to describe. I have seen visions of healing purple light. My physical ailments were dissolved upon receiving insight from the energy healing. Most recently, I called in because of my constant emotional lows seemed scary and very much unlike myself. I was given beautiful insight that I had ascending into a new energy level of light consciousness and the release of old habits/programs was causing me to feel so depressed – but I need not to put reason or fear to my constant crying, as my divine plan is beautiful and right for me! I just needed a little help remembering. The most amazing part each healing I have received, for me, is the release of the old, negative, and heavy weights/energies I was unaware of and the constant empowerment from Julia & Karloee reminding me that I am powerful, I am capable, I don’t have to fear. Thank you so much for sharing such tremendous talents with us! I always say this, but I am always at a loss of words other than thank you, I appreciate you both SO much!

Joann on 27.02.2017 / Reply

Thank You so very much Karolee and Julia for facilitating the healing I received on your program. I feel an incredible shift and revitalization through out my entire system. I look forward each week because I seem to be feeling more alive and inspired than ever before. Much love and gratitude to both of You!

karolee on 07.03.2017 / Reply

Dear Ann
Thank you for calling and and fostering such a powerful healing. You are strong and amazing and we really appreciate you.
Much love,
Karolee and Julia

karolee on 07.03.2017 / Reply

Dear Christine,
Thank you for participating on the show and leading others to freedom. Your testimonial lets us all know that you truly feel the energetic movement and we are so grateful for you for sharing this.
Many blessings,

karolee on 07.03.2017 / Reply

Dear Joanne,
We are so grateful that you listen to us and call in. Thank you for your feedback!
Keep shining your Light so bright.
Love Karolee and Julia

Sarah on 13.03.2017 / Reply

Thank you so much for the healing tonight. My heart chakra was indeed bleeding and it feels whole again. The tears have stopped. I feel peaceful for thenfirst time in over a week. I am so grateful to both of you. Your assistance means so much to me. I am so so grateful.

Julia on 23.03.2017 / Reply

Sarah – So much love and gratitude to you. Thank you for the beautiful feedback and taking the time to listen and call in.
Much love
Karolee and Julia

Anthony Penzarella on 14.03.2017 / Reply

I called in last week and received a wonderful healing. You two centered in on a major issue for me in terms of letting go of things I didn’t even know I was holding on to. I felt a surge of energy as it cleared and I have been feeling peaceful and joyous all week! Blessed be!

Julia on 23.03.2017 / Reply

Anthony – Thank you so much for lovely feedback. We so appreciate you listening and taking the time to call in.
Much love
Julia and Karolee

sharon on 15.03.2017 / Reply

Karolee and Julia,
You did a great job last night because I feel really happy and full of joy this morning. Thank you so much!
Sincerely, Sharon

Julia on 23.03.2017 / Reply

Sharon – Thank you for the wonderful feedback. Remember the powerful being that you are and that you are the one who is healing you. Karolee and I only facilitate and hold the space for you to do so.
Much love
Karolee and Julia

Elaine Richards on 27.03.2017 / Reply

Karolee and Julia,

I can’t Thank the both of you enough for my healing tonight. As you were doing the healing I had the chills going through me. I have been dealing with my skin issue now for about six years and I am so over it! Thank you for shedding light on it and telling me what is going on. I can’t wait to try my exercises that you had given to me. I will check back in and let you know how it is going. Thanks again, it was Awesome!!

Julia on 10.04.2017 / Reply

We are so grateful for your participation and so appreciate the beautiful feedback.
Much love
Julia and Karolee

Michelle on 27.03.2017 / Reply

I have called in twice! Tonight I received healing for Shogren’s. What an amazing clearing for me. I was raised with the belief that you Have to have medicine. However thru energy healing I have conguered fibromyalgia. This needed a little help from Julia & Karollee. This is free healing from two wonderful, compassionate & loving ladies. Ask yourself why not call in ? You won regret it! Love you both. Michelle

Julia on 10.04.2017 / Reply

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback. We are so grateful for you calling in and participating and facilitating healing for others.
Much love
Julia and Karolee

Christine on 23.09.2017 / Reply

I have commented once before to review my healing session I received in the show, but today I wanted to illuminate how powerful, helpful and energetically moving it is to experience the recordings of the show. I often feel “stuck” and ungrounded from my surroundings, leaving me to question what to do next. Each time I feel like this, I end up listening to one of the pre-recorded shows. It is as powerful, if not more so, participating in the guided imagery and hearing Julia and Karolee’s weekly guidance at the start of each show as well as the healing of other listeners. It sets me back into alignment with myself, my true self, helping me to find the strength again to move forward. By connecting to the shows that have been recorded, I am also reviving the powerful healing energies of other. I never feel alone when i have A Call to Heal to listen to. Thank you for always facilitating helpings and guided imageries, we really do all connect in ways that is not limited by time. Many blessings to all who listen and allow people like me to be a part of the healing – and to you both, Julia and Karolee, for opening up such a sacred space for all of us to connect to. – Christine

Julia on 04.12.2017 / Reply

Thank you Christine for the kind words and wonderful testimony. We so appreciate you and are so grateful you call in – you and other brave souls who call in are who make our show what it is.
Much love Julia and Karolee

Kristin Swarcheck on 06.11.2017 / Reply

I have called in three different times and received healings from Julia and Karolee, which have been profound and instrumental in releasing energies that were not serving me. I cannot thank you enough for creating this sacred container to restore myself and your listeners to wholeness. Your insight and guidance on my journey is such a gift and I look forward to listening to your show each week. Tonight my 9-year old daughter received her first healing on the show and she commented on how much lighter she felt afterward. She is an empath and struggles at times to decipher what energies are her own and how to best release them. The beautiful healing you created for her tonight was so nurturing and will aid her greatly on her own journey. We both also loved the meditation you shared at the beginning of the show tonight. Namaste, and thank you Karolee and Julia for sharing your gifts of healing and the light that radiates so bright from your soul. – Kristin

Julia on 04.12.2017 / Reply

Kristen – Thank you so much for being such a wonderful supporter of the show. We so appreciate your kind words and that you are one of the brave, beautiful souls who call in and make the show possible.
Much love Julia and Karolee

Joanna Deluca on 14.11.2017 / Reply

What a wonderful diverse station. Karolee and Julia are my absolute favorites. <3 <3 <3

Julia on 04.12.2017 / Reply

Thank you for the kind words Joanna. We appreciate you and your support.
Much love Julia and Karolee

Jen on 08.01.2018 / Reply

I was waiting on the call tonight but, didn’t quite get there in time. I wanted to share my connection with both of the first 2 callers. I too, live in Pennsylvania and the masculinity/femininity aspect related to me ss I am carrying a baby, due next month. The second, you said to accept the gift of the baby lamb. Not only am I with child, I also had lamb for dinner. Wild as it may be, I felt connected in 2 very different yet unique ways! Hope to join the show next time

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