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Dr Meaghan & Ron 3

Both Sides Of The Prescription

Wednesday 9pm eastern

Both Sides of the Prescription brings together Dr. Meaghan and Dr. Ron to
discuss pertinent medical issues from both an alternative and traditional
medicine perspective.  So many times people are only given one side of the
story with healthcare that the better option is either alternative
practices OR medical intervention.  There is never a discussion of both and
the power of merging the two strengths of both sides of the medical world.

This show is like no other show out there because instead of pushing one
part of medicine, we explore and educate on both aspects of the medical
world.  As we discover the latest and greatest in the medical world, from
new drugs to breakthroughs in surgeries, we get away from the basics and
alternative care.  There is a place for both and there needs to be an open
discussion of both.  As more and more people are seeking alternative and
integrative health options, we want to open up the discussion regarding
where functional medicine fits into clinical practice.  Listen in as Dr.
Meaghan and Dr. Ron discuss the health topics that are important to you!
Dr. Ron Kirschling, MD has been a practicing clinician caring for patients
for over 30 years.  He is currently a practicing hematologist and medical
oncologist in Wisconsin and is board certified in internal medicine,
medical oncology, hematology and palliative medicine.  Dr. Ron has
practiced in many different clinical settings Including ER medicine,
primary care, and as a flight surgeon with 29 years of service in the Air

Dr. Meaghan Kirschling, DC, APRN, RN, MS is a chiropractor, nurse
practitioner, and clinical nutritionist currently practicing in Minnesota.
She has a passion for integrative functional medicine and incorporates her
alternative and allopathic training to provide comprehensive care to her
patients.  She has been in healthcare for 15 years and has worked in
various settings including organ transplant, physical therapy department of
the US Army, and functional medicine.  Her mission is to educate people on
what they need to know to live their optimal life of health and wellness.

Wednesdays 9pm eastern of The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Every Healthy Choice Counts


Wednesdays 3pm eastern

Finding your way to a  balanced way of living is the key to health and

It’s not just diet, it’s a full awareness of your body’s needs and integrating
those needs into your lifestyle. Choosing to care for your self, feeling
motivated to make the right choices can make a powerful difference.  By
taking control – you’ll be empowered, happier and healthier!

For over 20 years Anida Westlake has helped individuals move forward and
guide them to make positive shifts in their thoughts and actions, thus
empowering them to move towards a successful life despite having diabetes.
Having endured 30 years with this auto-immune disorder, Anida understands
the struggles.

When first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Anida learned to give herself
insulin injections using glass needles, and to test her blood sugar levels
using test tubes, eyedroppers and pills. The diets and choices were much
more limited at the time. As time passed however, so did the methods for
diabetic care: Multiple injections using disposable syringes, pen needles
and the insulin pump, among others. No longer reliant on test tube eye
droppers and pills, today’s small meters and strips can tell the diabetic
their blood glucose levels in a matter of seconds

In spite of these new tools, managing diabetes is still a challenge: Not
only physically managing the condition itself, but managing relationships
with partners, family and friends may weigh heavily on the diabetic, who
might feel judged or worse, a failure.

When faced with the decision to have children, Anida decided to go ahead.
Both pregnancies were a success, resulting in two healthy children.
Through this experience she met others with challenges and realized that
the appearance of success varies with the individual. Recognizing this
fact led Anida on her journey to help others to live with diabetes. Anida
has also coached single mothers to balance the ceaseless demands of
parenting and work; and has coached others such as small business owners,
sales executives and individuals going through the painful process of

Anida offers her coaching to a global client base, helping people live
successful lives. A single mother of two wonderful children, she resides
with her family in Toronto, Canada.

Listen to Anida Wednesdays 3pm on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Dr Dorrin

Talk About Chiropractic

Dr Dorrin

Fridays 3PM Eastern

Tune up your body and your mind! Dr. Dorrin Rosenfeld, DC, co-founder of State of the Art Chiro in Vallejo, California, reveals the miracles of chiropractic, both for herself and her patients, on Talk About Chiropractic, a weekly radio broadcast with the BBM Global Network. Join her each week as she explores the surprising ways in which this natural, safe and hands-on form of health care has transformed lives. Dr. Dorrin engages her audience with a light, down-to-earth sense of humor, while staying true to her message that chiropractic care is serious business!

As a practitioner of chiropractic care, Dr. Dorrin, along with her husband and partner, Dr. Bob, evaluate each patient thoroughly to determine the best and most effective treatments. At State of the Art Chiro, patients do not simply receive chiropractic adjustments, but a comprehensive and cutting-edge plan for full body wellness. Services include chiropractic techniques, corrective exercises, lifestyle advise, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, and spinal and postural screenings.  Both survivors of severe trauma, Dr. Dorrin and Dr. Bob communicate with their patients with an intimate understanding of the pain caused by spinal injuries. Their positive approach and proven methods give their patients hope and the motivation necessary to continue on their path to wellness.

Dr. Dorrin Rosenfeld, DC may be contacted as follows:

By phone: 707-557-5471

By email:


To learn more about Dr. Dorrin and State of the Art Chiro, please visit:

…or connect with her on FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN

Have a chiropractic question? Call in during the show and ask Dr. Dorrin! 1-855-856-1380

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Dr Tony2

Political Pulse

Dr Tony2

Wednesdays 2pm eastern

Welcome to Political Pulse, I’m Dr. Tony Maglione, the doctor who’s looking out both for your health and our nation’s health. Political Pulse is different from any other medical or Doctor show you’ve ever experienced. The show promotes the most important commodity you can own. That is, the ability to learn how to think and acquire the knowledge you need for both your own medical health and the Nation’s health. Topics involving healthcare and national issues will be discussed using science, facts and common sense. You will then be in a better position to manage your own health, your family’s health and your Nation’s health.


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Dr Carly 12

MD for Moms

Dr Carly 12

Wednesdays 1pm eastern

Welcome to MD for Moms with your host Dr Carly Snyder.  Traditional psychiatry, integrative medicine or just some to talk to; Dr Carly is here to provide Moms with personal solutions so that they may experience whole body, mind and well-being at this most extraordinary and cherishing time of Motherhood.   Join us each week, Wednesdays 1pm eastern, for answers to the many challenging issues moms face today on the next episode of Dr Carly’s MD for Moms on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

Dr. Snyder is one of a small cohort of medical physicians in New York City specializing in reproductive psychiatry. Dr. Snyder is an attending physician on staff in the Department of Psychiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center. She is the expert in reproductive psychiatry for the Medical Center. She also holds a teaching appointment at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Her approach combines traditional psychiatric treatment with integrative medicine-based treatments.

Dr. Snyder is on the Postpartum Support International (PSI) Board of Directors as the Research Chair. PSI is the leading national organization providing awareness, prevention, resources and treatment of mental illnesses related to childbearing. She frequently speaks to various audiences, such as ‘The Pregnant New Yorker,’ and was one of the expert guest lecturers for Chic City Mom. Dr. Snyder is also a member of the Women’s Mental Health Consortium.

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The Next Dimension


Tuesdays 8pm EASTERN


There is a conspiracy that has been going on for thousands of years. It’s called The New World Order.The focus of this conspiracy is to create a one world totalitarian government that will control every aspect of life on this planet. If this cabal is successful it will be the end of freedom and free choice. All efforts by people to heal and elevate their lives will be squashed. The population will be fed a diet of GM foods. There will be no organic produce or nutrional supplements. The world wide population will be reduced to 500,000,000 people. 93% of the worlds population will be terminated.

If you want to live in freedom, have free choice, maintain your right to eat healthy food and spiritually evolve, it is critically important to know what is going on “Under the Radar.” These are things that the mainstream media never cover. That’s because the MMM is the mind control arm of the New World Order. If we don’t stand up for our freedoms, who will?

I’m one of the premier energetic healers in the world. In a career spanning over three decades I’ve helped thousands of people elevate their lives and overcome challenging circumstances. My clients come from every walk of life and every continent. They include Academy Award winners,  Grammy Award winners, film directors, producers, actors, the family of a former President of the U.S., corporate executives, attorneys, psychologists, M.D.s, students, housewives, entrepreneurs, engineers and factory workers, to name a few.

I love solving the puzzle of past trauma that limits each client’s life experience. Often, the cause of these hidden issues comes from past lives that are hidden in the subconscious. The toxic and traumatic emotions associated with these experiences are buried all over the body and often create disease. They are ticking time bombs.

For example, the wife of the founder and CEO of Whole Foods came to me with the onset of cervical cancer. What came up from her subconscious during her session was a highly traumatic experience from her last life. That experience ended her life. In one hour we cleared the toxic emotion from that lifetime from her system. She then went back to her doctor. The cancer was gone.


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