Dr. Stephanie Offers Tips on How to ‘Spring Clean’ Your Relationship

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Toss out those dirty habits and refresh your relationship! Dr. Stephanie Weiland Knarr, Ph.D., a nationally recognized psychotherapist and couples therapist, offers FREE Relationship Advice on The Relationship Repair Shop Radio Show, a weekly radio broadcast with the BBM Global Network. She invites listeners to join her each week (show airs Tuesdays 9PM Eastern) as she reveals strategies for relationship building, positive communication and conflict resolution.

Dr. Stephanie practices psychotherapy and relationship counseling in the Metropolitan Baltimore-Washington D.C. area. Renowned by her peers and followers for her inspirational approach, Dr. Stephanie credits her ability to tease out relationship problems and facilitate healthy communication among her clients with her wholesome upbringing on a Nebraska farm. The daughter of entrepreneurial parents, Dr. Stephanie values hard work and perseverance as critical elements of successful relationship building. Through her Relationship Repair Shop, she directs her clients toward a greater awareness of their own behaviors and assists them in learning how to react to conflict in a healthy, productive way. Along with her relationship repair associates, Sherrie Ludwick, Connie Wesley, and Tyra Berger, Dr. Stephanie has helped countless individuals and couples find peace with themselves and in their relationships. Her work is profiled on her website at www.DrStephanieOnline.com, where she provides FREE couples-therapy worksheets that teach couples how to appropriately respond to their partner’s complaints, along with speeches, blogs and interviews intended to educate others on building healthy relationships.

This spring, don’t just clean your house. Clean your heart! Let Dr. Stephanie show you how.

Dr. Stephanie may be contacted as follows:

By phone: 301-490-1011

By email: stephanie@drstephanieonline.com

To learn more about Dr. Stephanie and her Relationship Repair Shop, please visit: www.DrStephanieOnline.com

…or connect with her on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

To hear Dr. Stephanie share her expertise on Couples Therapy, tune in to the BBM Global Network starting this Tuesday, April 26, 2016 from 9-10PM Eastern by visiting this link: http://boldbravemedia.com/


Have a relationship question? Call in during the show and ask Dr. Stephanie! 1-855-856-1380

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