Every Healthy Choice Counts


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Finding your way to a  balanced way of living is the key to health and

It’s not just diet, it’s a full awareness of your body’s needs and integrating
those needs into your lifestyle. Choosing to care for your self, feeling
motivated to make the right choices can make a powerful difference.  By
taking control – you’ll be empowered, happier and healthier!

For over 20 years Anida Westlake has helped individuals move forward and
guide them to make positive shifts in their thoughts and actions, thus
empowering them to move towards a successful life despite having diabetes.
Having endured 30 years with this auto-immune disorder, Anida understands
the struggles.

When first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Anida learned to give herself
insulin injections using glass needles, and to test her blood sugar levels
using test tubes, eyedroppers and pills. The diets and choices were much
more limited at the time. As time passed however, so did the methods for
diabetic care: Multiple injections using disposable syringes, pen needles
and the insulin pump, among others. No longer reliant on test tube eye
droppers and pills, today’s small meters and strips can tell the diabetic
their blood glucose levels in a matter of seconds

In spite of these new tools, managing diabetes is still a challenge: Not
only physically managing the condition itself, but managing relationships
with partners, family and friends may weigh heavily on the diabetic, who
might feel judged or worse, a failure.

When faced with the decision to have children, Anida decided to go ahead.
Both pregnancies were a success, resulting in two healthy children.
Through this experience she met others with challenges and realized that
the appearance of success varies with the individual. Recognizing this
fact led Anida on her journey to help others to live with diabetes. Anida
has also coached single mothers to balance the ceaseless demands of
parenting and work; and has coached others such as small business owners,
sales executives and individuals going through the painful process of

Anida offers her coaching to a global client base, helping people live
successful lives. A single mother of two wonderful children, she resides
with her family in Toronto, Canada.

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