Helping Women Heal

Wednesdays 8pm eastern…

Host Catherine Abbott will inspire and engage you through her own personal journey relating to the many complex issues facing women today.

Life coaching will help to keep you upright. Most of us have friends or family to get support from, but we can usually only share so much with them, we don’t want to feel like a downer or they get tired of hearing us complain and tell us just to “get over it”.   Getting “over it ” is not an easy thing for most of us and having an impartial person to talk to can help tremendously. Our deepest dark secrets are not so easy to share and this can lead to feeling very isolated with what is going on.

In 2009 I went through a major life change when my husband of 21 years came to me and said he wanted to be with someone else. That statement turned my life upside down.

Through this very difficult time I re-awakened to a new me and realized how much being supported by others allowed me to heal from the hurt.  I gave myself permission to talk, scream, cry, rage, then to let go of the old hurt, to forgive, and move forward.

Join Catherine Abbott, Wednesday nights at 8 eastern on “Helping Women Heal” on the BBM Global Network!!

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Ubuntu VPS on 03.05.2016 / Reply

April 9-15 is dedicated to helping women heal relationships with their mothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, female cousins, and sister-friends.

Midge on 07.10.2016 / Reply

thanks for the much-needed midweek peptalk girl! there’s this gang of purple flowers that i’m going to stare out for five minutes today because of this post .-= eb8oeig&#o217;s last blog post… =-.

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