Let It Go

Tuesday 3pm eastern.

Barbara Scheidegger:

Barbara will uncover techniques of releasing old patterns that are unconsciously made and bring them up to the conscious mind to help you let them go!   Barbara will also help you find the way to clarity, peace, and how to live a successful life on your terms, by turning negative experiences into positive ones!

All the way from Switzerland, an ultimate Renaissance woman, BARBARA SCHEIDEGGER, C.Ht., wife, mother, entrepreneur, life coach, author, host, philanthropist, visionary but most importantly, renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist brings her unique voice to BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio.

Barbara’s life philosophy is remarkably mirrored in a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote – “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

In true modern day Renaissance fashion, Barbara possesses amazing breakthrough qualities – truly transformational, ‘She doesn’t do what she does for a living, she does it for a life.’

Through her own journey, Barbara has discovered that there is no greater reward than helping people find their own inner peace and happiness, just as she did when she discovered her ability to liberate herself from despair into a limitless fulfilling lifestyle.

Barbara’s business endeavors are built on a very committed work ethic, a desire to find the ‘yes’ in every ‘no’ and achieve success with her whole being. A perfectionist, she rises to the occasion to master whatever she chooses to attach herself to.

When Barbara married and the union brought forth two beautiful children she continued to help build successful family businesses. As the family and the businesses grew, so did the stress.

Often difficulties and challenges arose primarily related to finding time to fit everything in. But Barbara endured the disappointments along with the successes, none of it outweighing her desire to succeed.

The juggling act continued and every day stresses begat health concerns.

Barbara did what any multi-tasking Renaissance woman would do and made her personal healing the most important next step. She sought the advice of a doctor who offered a pill that he believed would kick start her medical and emotional healing process. When the pill made her feel even worse, she decided to seek another solution and another… She tried many different approaches unsuccessfully searching for a cure for her health diagnosis, but nothing worked.

At this juncture, Barbara discovered what another famous multi-tasking Renaissance comedienne, Lucille Ball, said, “You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

Newly armed, and always a seeker, Barbara took her health into her own hands and eventually found her way to hypnotherapy. Mentored by the best in the craft, she lived and learned until finally getting her breakthrough and successfully curing her condition through the practice of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Today, Barbara’s global client base are not only championed in her practice but always encouraged through her ‘Scheidegger Approach’, a hypnotherapy program that gently guides them to believe in who they can become and show them how to move forward in a positive way.

We all have the power to find our passion, in kind we can transform our lives and our world… if only we learn how to believe,
‘Yes I Can!’

Barbara’s techniques cover letting go of old patterns that are unconsciously made and bringing them up to the conscious mind to let them go. Other areas covered are how to find your way to clarity of what you want, how to become successful in life, letting go of old relationships, old jobs, overeating issues, learning how to manage expectations, finding out how to turn negative experiences into positive experiences and how clinical hypnotherapy can help you move forward in a natural, organic way without side effects. If you want to grow, be sure to tune in!

Listen Live Tuesday 3pm eastern on The BBM GLobal Network and Tunein Radio!

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What a great show!

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