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Gail Lash, Ph.D., is a Peace Explorer, and author of #OptForPeace: 9 Essential Steps To Achieving Peace, Power and Prosperity.

Her journey began as a biologist at Duke University Lemur Facility, Zookeeper at Los Angeles and Houston Zoos, to then working in and designing zoos and wildlife sanctuaries worldwide over the last 23 years through her company, Ursa International. Her Masters and Ph.D. studies examined community-based ecotourism as an economic and sustainable development strategy for both wildlife and people. From her global travels, she created her company, Tourism For Peace, encouraging people to get to know each other, and to honor the diversity of the human race and the sacredness of Mother Earth. She has always been connected energetically to angels and nature spirits, and is an accomplished energy healer, psychic, and peace counselor, teaching classes in peace principles for both self and society. She currently is working with zoos, aquariums, schools, and other organizations to become official “Places of Peace”. After helping to create Atlanta Peace Trails – an online listing and groupings of Peace Poles and peace gardens in Atlanta, Georgia – she now encourages people to #OptForPeace, and to put their Places of Peace on the World Peace Trails map!

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Pam Rennie on 09.11.2017 / Reply

Thank you so much Gail for having me on your first show. I really enjoyed it!

Dr. Gail Lash on 17.11.2017 / Reply

Listeners – Please go to our Facebook Group, Peace Explorer, to see all links to peace stories, peace actions, and peace concepts. Share your peace stories there! Thanks for joining!

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