Soul Sense

thursdays 10am eastern

“I bring a natural and even humourous vision to understanding spirituality
and living in the world. There is no subject we cannot speak on personal,
community and global issues brought to light to the Eye of the Soul.”

Soul Sense is “Making sense of this crazy world through the Eye
of the Soul”,  is to help people raise awareness to who they are as a
spiritual and a human being. To understand what “spirituality” really
means. Getting through the myths and misconceptions based on fear and
allowing it to bring a higher awareness to themselves personally and
professionally. To help them intellectually, emotional and physically live
in the world today.

To learn how to understand and trust  intuition. An intuitive mind is a
creative compassionate mind. It is our “natural mindset. I intend to bring
to light that there is a science to this by understanding who we are as an
energetic spiritual and a human being the mental health of society will
change.  John Lennon’s song, Imagine says it all. Imagine that we can be as
One! Until this perception is understood and the simplicity is realized we
will struggle as a species. We are seeing that in our world today.  I bring
to light things I have learned in over 20 years as a medium, one who is
sensitive to thoughts and feelings those on the other side as well as those
around. Spirit world has taught me a lot and it has helped me personally
and many who have connected with loved ones and spirit and take their
guidance their love and continue living in our physical world period until
we all meet again. • Follow @italk2angels

Listen live Thursdays 10am eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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