Spirituality 101

Tuesdays @ 7pm EDT

Spirituality 101 is about empowerment, it’s the missing college course.  Designed and presented to enlighten, instruct, and support you through Twenty-first Century life challenges. Have you ever wondered about the so-called mysteries of life and how to awaken the spiritual potential that lies within?  If you have, then this course of study is for you.  Our guests are experts in the field of spirituality, as well as folks who have, themselves journeyed on the road to joyful transformation.  We offer new and simple ways of seeing through the lens of spirituality.  Join host, Rev. Norma Edwards, a wisdom keeper on the planet, for a delightful, empowering hour on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).  It’s the course you cannot afford to miss.