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The Animal Zone is the place to be for natural alternative solutions for your pets. Learn how to help your pet through species awareness and comprehensive solutions. Lisa delivers a straight forward common sense approach to animal health and wellness that you will only find here.

Lisa St. John is the founder of Lavsage, an alternative natural approach for animal health and wellness. While focusing on treating the body not the illness, she has achieved a reputation for helping animals recover from conditions otherwise thought to be incurable.

Lisa is recognized world wide for her pioneering signature diet program for equines. Although controversial to the traditional allopathic methods and beliefs, this program has proven successful and earned the credibility with horse enthusiasts in every area around the world.

When diagnosed with an inoperable Cancerous tumor on her pituitary gland and being told she had 2 months to live, set into motion the importance of nutrition while supporting the body’s natural healing ability. The most educational experience of her life was realizing treating the body not the disease – was the cure.

Studying biology, chemistry, physics and herbology has led her to become a certified naturopath. it is this knowledge, education and experience that has afforded her the opportunity for over 20 years to help thousands of animals reclaim their health. Although her skills with working with all animals is vast, her expertise is helping horses and dogs establish and maintain optimum levels of health and vitality.

Through species awareness Lisa provides a simple understanding of health and wellness which is achieved within the body itself through nutritional and botanical support.

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Liane Reynolds on 26.10.2016 / Reply


I loved your 58 min. audio track 1. I am so happy you are going live with your healing knowledge. My dog lived 8 more years because of your abilities I can’t wait to hear Track 2. I have posted this on my facebook page.

So happy for you Lisa


Lisa St. John on 04.11.2016 / Reply

Hi Liane,

Thank you so much for listening and sharing this on your FB page. Sam had a happy life with you – Your a very special lady.
Track 2 and 3 should be up any day now. Let me know if there is a particular subject you would me to cover.
Thank you again..

jane kawasaki on 26.10.2016 / Reply

HI Lisa,
This is Jane. My horses are on alfalfa and they have almost unlimited access to it. I know it is good for them to have this particularly as it gets cold here in Idaho. However, they are getting fat particularly Poncho who is a pony. Any suggestions?

Also, Remy has a crack in his hoof . The crack goes all the way to the top of the hoof.


Lisa St. John on 05.11.2016 / Reply

Hi Jane,

Alfalfa is very nourishing – with winter coming you want the extra weight on them. It will help keep them warm. They will be using up a lot of energy and burning off a lot of fat trying to keep warm in the cold months. Chewing keeps them warm most important horses have free feeding hay all winter along with fresh live produce to hydrate and stay alkalized.
I would mix some alfalfa with a good grass or orchard type of hay during the day if you feel they are gaining too much. I am a firm believer in not seeing ribs on horses or people for that matter. Nourishment is most important. healthy weight is vital not to be confused with obesity of course.

As for the crack in the hoof that is a sign of an acidic pH. Feed extra greens lots of fresh live seasonal produce along with coconut oil and the Immune enhancer would be great for them. The immune enhancer contains a variety of superfoods and botanicals to rejuvenate the cells providing health and vitality. You can find the immune enhancer on the store page as

Thank you for your question!

Denise Chasin on 05.11.2016 / Reply

Thanks for sharing all your knowledge. There is so much depth to what you know and how many lives you have helped save. it is great that others are able to hear what many will find revolutionary!!!! Cant wait till more people write in or call with their stories and questions.

Lisa St. John on 14.11.2016 / Reply

Thank you Denise for listening and sharing. I will put it out there and invite more people to share their experiences.

Mary Dermit on 11.11.2016 / Reply

I LOVE your show! I have 3 dogs and a retired dressage horse. I started my dogs on your recommended natural diet yesteraday and they LOVE IT! They love the smoothies and almond milk! It makes so much sense. I have listened to your second show 3 times now, there was so much information. I went on your website and I am so excited to transfer everyone over to a natural diet. I would like to schedule a consultation with you to find out more on where to start and what I need to do to get my animals started on your program. Thank you!

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