Thinking about launching your own radio show? Consider these key tips.

  • Soul Search. What is the philosophy behind your show? What is your mission, the core of your message, that you hope to broadcast to a global audience? Open your mind to explore your true passion. Write an outline to organize your thoughts and gain focus.
  • Length. How much time do you need to convey your message, yet leave your audience wanting more?
  • Format. This depends on your mission. Are you taking calls, scheduling guests, or a combination of both? Remember, it takes time to build an audience (and thus, a caller base), so plan accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to allow four hours of prep for every hour of airtime.
  • Audience. Who is your targeted demographic? And how will you attract them to listen to your show? Do you plan to engage your audience on social media? Launch an email blast? Utilize the capabilities RTB advertising to maximize results? Hire a marketing firm? Knowing your options and weighing the outcomes of each will help you make an informed decision.
  • Sponsors. Eventually, as you build popularity, your platform will gain value to other organizations that would benefit from advertising on your show. (An advertising agency would be necessary at this point to sell airtime, produce commercials and professionally edit each broadcast.)

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