You’re Not Broken

Tuesday 12pm eastern.

You’re Not Broken:

Many people feel that they are beyond help. They are just too
broken. They feel that they have to live with the pain. This show is
dedicated to helping you find your way out of your emotional, physical, and
spiritual pain so that you can live the life you are meant to be living.
Your host  Dr. Sally Reid is a Metaphysical Psychologist, Psychic Healer,
and Medical Intuitive. She uses her gifts to see through space and time to
the origins of your issues and helps you to energetically unwind the issues
and ultimately heal. Everything is energy–let Sally’s unique gifts help
you to take control of your life.


Dr Sally Reid:

Sally quickly locates the root cause of the issues that are preventing you
from becoming the best version of yourself.  Her work is a customized blend
of Intuitive reading, spirit guided quantum level healing, coaching, and
teaching to locate and unleash your true self-satisfaction and love. Her
love-centered practice is perfect for those people who have a desire for
real change and growth in their lives. If you feel exhausted and
overwhelmed by emotional and/or physical pain, She can help by addressing
the cause, and not by just treating the symptoms. Sally holds a Ph.D. in
Metaphysical Psychology and is a Certified Medical Intuitive. She is the
co-author of the “Finding Health, Finding Truth, A Guided Journey to True
Health” to be published in 2018. If you would like a private Medical
Intuitive reading with Sally, please visit her online scheduling page:

Sally Reid Scheduling

Listen live Tuesdays 12pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Emily Graziano on 06.11.2017 / Reply

I’m really enjoying this show!

Emily Graziano on 06.11.2017 / Reply

Ha!!! I just realized that Sally archives her shows! #Winning

Francesca Samuerel on 06.11.2017 / Reply

Just let GO!!!!!

Sally Reid on 12.11.2017 / Reply

Wow thanks! If you have any topics you would like me to explore, let me know!

Tom Schizzano on 12.12.2017 / Reply

Great job Sally!!!

Patricia on 13.12.2017 / Reply

Great talk. Thank you

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