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Lou on 27.04.2016 / Reply

Are there replays?

Linda on 23.05.2016 / Reply

I’m enjoying your shows. What is coming up for future shows?

Linda on 23.05.2016 / Reply

Thanks, I’m excited about the shows. This Wednesday, the 25th will be on biomagnetism.

Gloria on 23.05.2016 / Reply

The shows are archived, just scroll down to the show you want to replay.

Terri Matchicka on 15.06.2016 / Reply

Loved hearing you and April reminiscing the Smokey Mts and using comfry all over our bodies. I didn’t realize it was comfry either. Using natural herbs is really the best way to go.

Does the Pure Natural Healing Work on 29.06.2016 / Reply

Thank you so much for this teaching. It has been a wonderful, enlightening help to me. I understand now what it means to “call those things which be not as though they were.

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