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In 2017, Present Tense, Future Perfect focused on the pace of accelerated change in our society, driven by the factors of Technology, Climate Change, Innovation, and Globalization. We asked the question how institutions and we, as individuals, could cope with incessant change. As importantly, if not more so, we asked if we were developing leaders capable of developing the vision and strategies to adapt and thrive amidst constant and rapid change.

Elsewhere, we have written our conclusions from the 16 weeks of discovery on these issues and we will be sharing those with you in the future.

In the immediate, however, permit us to describe the focus for the 24 radio shows we will be broadcasting in 2018.

We will be examining several themes in more depth this year, which means devoting a number of broadcasts to an aspect of the topic. The first will be Technology, the second Globalization, and the third, to coincide with the elections in the autumn, will be on the state of our Democracy.

With our first theme, we will be looking at many aspects of Technology: its link to innovation, how it changes the life sciences, what it means for the world of work in the 21st century, and how it effects what and how people learn, is but to name a few of the themes we will explore.

The subject of Globalization is vast and will cover topics such as mergers and acquisitions, a global industry such as oil and gas exploration, education, and cultural, behavioral differences. We will look at what the term means and whether or not it is restricted to our economies.

The State of Our Democracy, are we Headed to Oligarchy? Is a subject chosen to coincide with the 2018 elections. Is there such a thing as ‘American Exceptionalism’, or, is the US as likely to succumb to tyranny as a Third World nation? Are our institutions robust enough to withstand threats to the separation of powers, written into our Constitution?

Welcome to Present Tense, Future Perfect and listen to my guests who will elucidate and illuminate on each of our major topics throughout the year. Listeners are invited to call in with questions or comments during the show, which will be carried live. The recording will be available several days after the show on the BBM website under my host page.

We invite you to listen to Present Tense, Future Perfect, and to participate.  The hope is to provoke, stimulate, and inspire.

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Christine M Bolzan on 08.03.2017 / Reply

Marion, MA is also a very pretty town !
Keep the good work !

Marion on 01.05.2017 / Reply

Hello Christine,

Thanks so much for listening! I appreciate the compliment. My guests have been fantastic. All of them have said how much fun they had on the program. Considering we are discussing some heavy topics, it’s a great compliment.

If you can, listen to this Wednesday’s show, May 3rd. We are discussing climate change and global warming. It is NOT a Chinese plot. My guest is an expert, Dr. Burton Jaffee, who is passionate about the subject. I think people will enjoy listening.

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