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There is a conspiracy that has been going on for thousands of years. It’s called The New World Order.The focus of this conspiracy is to create a one world totalitarian government that will control every aspect of life on this planet. If this cabal is successful it will be the end of freedom and free choice. All efforts by people to heal and elevate their lives will be squashed. The population will be fed a diet of GM foods. There will be no organic produce or nutrional supplements. The world wide population will be reduced to 500,000,000 people. 93% of the worlds population will be terminated.

If you want to live in freedom, have free choice, maintain your right to eat healthy food and spiritually evolve, it is critically important to know what is going on “Under the Radar.” These are things that the mainstream media never cover. That’s because the MMM is the mind control arm of the New World Order. If we don’t stand up for our freedoms, who will?

I’m one of the premier energetic healers in the world. In a career spanning over three decades I’ve helped thousands of people elevate their lives and overcome challenging circumstances. My clients come from every walk of life and every continent. They include Academy Award winners,  Grammy Award winners, film directors, producers, actors, the family of a former President of the U.S., corporate executives, attorneys, psychologists, M.D.s, students, housewives, entrepreneurs, engineers and factory workers, to name a few.

I love solving the puzzle of past trauma that limits each client’s life experience. Often, the cause of these hidden issues comes from past lives that are hidden in the subconscious. The toxic and traumatic emotions associated with these experiences are buried all over the body and often create disease. They are ticking time bombs.

For example, the wife of the founder and CEO of Whole Foods came to me with the onset of cervical cancer. What came up from her subconscious during her session was a highly traumatic experience from her last life. That experience ended her life. In one hour we cleared the toxic emotion from that lifetime from her system. She then went back to her doctor. The cancer was gone.



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