The Power of Love

Wednesdays @ 10pm EDT

The Power of Love– Your Place to Discover Success Secrets for Creating Loving Relationships!

Saralee Kramer, Relationship Coach and California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in private practice in San Diego, California is your host. She has been coaching and counseling nationally and internationally for over 20 years helping people to improve their relationships and find happiness in their lives. Saralee has studied ‘best practices’ in self-mastery, effective communication, marriage mastery, enlightened parenting, spiritual psychology, accessing intuition, and holistic health.

Saralee is on faculty at the University of Santa Monica in Santa Monica California. USM is a cutting edge university dedicated to pioneering Spiritual Psychology—the experiential study and practice of transformation in consciousness worldwide.  Saralee is also the author of the forthcoming book Self Nurturing for the Sensitive Soul.
To inquire about coaching services, contact Saralee at 1-858-353-5336 or email or visit  Saralee also invites you to Join the Club – where she will share resources and success secrets mentioned on the show.  It’s Free!  Saralee says, “I want to help you discover what you need to know and do to make your marriage and relationships Great – no matter how long you’ve been together. I believe we are all connected on this beautiful planet – learning and contributing to the growth of everyone.  How we choose to be in relationship with ourselves, our spouses, and with everyone is the key. The relationship we have to nurture first, is the relationship with our Self.

I want to inspire you, coach you and encourage you to believe that how you act locally – in your world, makes a huge difference for the whole world.”  Saralee lives in San Diego, California and grew up and spent many years in Massachusetts – she brings an East and West Coast perspective. She is married, and loves her husband, kids, step-kids, family, friends and furry friends. She’s had her share of ‘life lessons’ and it all makes her appreciate the love she has in her life today.