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Nancy 2

Be in The Now

Nancy 2

Wednesdays 11am eastern

Awaken your awareness and release stress, anxiety, resentment and all the
emotions that are not helping you to be the person you want to be. Join
Nancy Gentle Boudrie each week on Be In The Now where you will learn
that you are the master of your life; you can choose your thoughts and
change your course of action. Nancy, through mindful principles, will teach
you how to live life with a new awareness, fully present in the here and
now increasing your sense of peace as you will be living each day with a
new found sense of inner alignment embracing your authentic self.

Nancy Gentle Boudrie, owner and founder of Awaken With Light, Inc. has
coached, mentored and taught mindful techniques over ten years and is
passionate about empowering people to live authentically and positively.
As a Wellness Coach, Reiki master and teacher, Certified Angel Intuitive®,
Integrated Energy Therapy® Advanced Practitioner, as well as a
certified meditation instructor and practitioner, Nancy encourages clients
to embrace a positive lifestyle to achieve personal and professional
happiness. Nancy offers these services on both a personal and a corporate

Are you ready to live your life with a new awareness? Let Nancy Gentle
Boudrie show you how listen to Be In The Now!!


Wednesdays 11am on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Anna 3

Live Stutter Free

Fridays 4pm eastern


Every person has the same purpose: self-expression. The most effective way to express ourselves is through words. But according to the Stuttering Foundation, close to 80 million people worldwide stutter, about one percent of the population. In the United States, that’s way over 3 million Americans who stutter.
Anna Deeter is a speech educator licensed by the Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A.Snezhko nonprofit and the founder of Live Stutter Free.

Deeter is NOT a speech pathologist. At least
not anymore. After years of practicing conventional speech therapy in two countries and two languages, she had a revelation that administration of any type of therapy for developing an adequate speech skill is not just wrong, but extremely harmful.
“Speech is a skill,” says Deeter. “We don’t need medical professionals to get involved in this process. We need speech educators, teachers.”
Today, Deeter is a pioneer for a brand-new approach: Etalon speech education.
Just like writing, speaking is the form of verbal self-expression. Written or spoken, each word carries one unique meaning. Only one whole word! It is simply impossible to write or say more than one word at the same time. Those who attempt to do so always “stutter” in writing or in speaking. “One word at a time” is the simple rule for both these forms of self-expression. You know it well from school for writing, but not for speaking.”

Deeter says in her observation, most people are stutterers. They make speech mistakes. But when a young child begins learning to speak and makes his first natural mistakes, speech therapists call it a mysterious “speech fluency disorder that requires a cure”. Instead of increasing the child’s exposure to THE WHOLE WORD and boosting his experience of saying it entirely, they begin teaching him all kinds of techniques, tricks, and methods of breaking THE WORD in parts. By doing so, they violate the natural learning process and block an adequate speech development of this child. In reality, normal speakers never use any techniques, tips, tricks, methods and strategies.
Deeter specializes in the Etalon Speech, where Etalon stands for natural norms of physiology. She first unblocks her students and then, teaches them to speak according to these norms. Liberated from all these blocks that restricted their freedom to speak normally, each of her students stop stuttering in only 3-days of the Etalon Speech Gymnastics.
“Every person who stutters is looking for a cure that doesn’t exist for the simple reason that there is no illness,” says Deeter. “So the very first step is to realize that you’re not sick, that you don’t have any sickness. You are simply restricted with some blocks invisible to you and other ordinary people. If you want to normalize your speech, you should first get unblocked, then, without any limiters, learn and begin to easily follow the norms.”
Deeter says speech education should become a mandatory subject in every school curriculum. She has helped hundreds of students with severe stuttering and claims she only needs three days to unblock and guide any stutterer to become a normal speaker.
For more information on Live Stutter Free, visit

Listen live 4pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Charlotte_Michelle 3

Put Your Money Where Your House Is

Fridays 3pm eastern

If you’re buying or selling a home, this is the right place to be!  Put Your Money Where Your House Is with your hosts Michelle and Charlotte is a show that answers questions  about, buying, selling, short sales, foreclosures, reverse mortgages, and all things real estate.  Charlotte and Michelle are here to help explain and demystify it all, they’re the best in the business!

So come and listen each week and bring your questions – they’ve got the answers right here on Charlotte and Michelle’s Put Your Money Where Your House Is!

Listen live Fridays 3pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Beth 3

Soul Sense

thursdays 10am eastern

“I bring a natural and even humourous vision to understanding spirituality
and living in the world. There is no subject we cannot speak on personal,
community and global issues brought to light to the Eye of the Soul.”

Soul Sense is “Making sense of this crazy world through the Eye
of the Soul”,  is to help people raise awareness to who they are as a
spiritual and a human being. To understand what “spirituality” really
means. Getting through the myths and misconceptions based on fear and
allowing it to bring a higher awareness to themselves personally and
professionally. To help them intellectually, emotional and physically live
in the world today.

To learn how to understand and trust  intuition. An intuitive mind is a
creative compassionate mind. It is our “natural mindset. I intend to bring
to light that there is a science to this by understanding who we are as an
energetic spiritual and a human being the mental health of society will
change.  John Lennon’s song, Imagine says it all. Imagine that we can be as
One! Until this perception is understood and the simplicity is realized we
will struggle as a species. We are seeing that in our world today.  I bring
to light things I have learned in over 20 years as a medium, one who is
sensitive to thoughts and feelings those on the other side as well as those
around. Spirit world has taught me a lot and it has helped me personally
and many who have connected with loved ones and spirit and take their
guidance their love and continue living in our physical world period until
we all meet again. • Follow @italk2angels

Listen live Thursdays 10am eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Jennifer 2

Living A Courageously Authentic Life

wednesdays 2pm eastern

Many of us go through life with our heads down, focused on getting ahead and achieving our goals – a good job and career, a beautiful home, a lasting relationship, and maybe even a family. While these are all great goals, many of us wake up one day, look around, and ask: is this all there is to life? We realize that something is missing, but we aren’t quite sure what it is.

Jennifer Monahan has been there. She spent many years climbing the corporate ladder as a business executive and strategy consultant. A chance meeting with a Mayan shaman caused her to begin to reassess her life, but it was a bad accident that left her stuck on her couch for six months, on crutches for eight, and in a cast for fourteen months that motivated her to make drastic changes in her life.

Today she has reinvented every aspect of her life and is living a life that gives her freedom, flexibility and joy while doing work that excites her every day and makes an impact on the world. Her goal is to help others reclaim their personal power, find joy and realize their full potential. A six-time award-winning author, she brings together her business background, coaching and shamanic skills to help people define and live courageously authentic lives aligned with purpose. Calling herself a nomad with a wheelie carry on bag, she splits her time between homes in San Francisco and Guatemala when she isn’t traveling around the world.

“To me, living a courageously authentic life is one where you strip down to the core of who you are; discover and connect to your inner spark, integrity and source; and bring that forward consistently and consciously into your day-to-day life. It takes courage to do this!”

When you life an authentic life, you cannot hide behind the masks that so many of us wear in life.

• Does this (decision, action, item, etc.) help or hinder my living an authentic life?
• Am I feeling or acting this way because there is a real concern or is this an old fear coming up that is trying to hold me back?
• Why couldn’t I (do something that is different)?
The rewards of this type of life are incredible, however.  Once you find the courage and jump into truly living, you discover a life filled with joy, excitement and energy. That’s not to say you won’t have “down” days – we all have them – but even when times are tough, your spark will keep you moving forward.  Want some inspiration or to get started on creating your courageously authentic life? Download “Six Steps to Living a Courageously Authentic Life” or sign up for my online course.  And feel free to reach out to me for a complimentary 20-minute consultation where we can talk about you and your life.

Listen Live Wednesdays 2pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!


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Kris 4

Voices Of Women

Wednesdays 4pm eastern.

Kris Steinnes is the visionary founder of the Women of Wisdom Conference, which celebrated its 25th year in 2017. As a spiritual leader and meditation teacher, Kris has a commitment to bring feminine consciousness to the forefront of our collective experience.
Returning from a world travel odyssey from 1983 – 1986, she began her spiritual journey and discovered her mission to bring people together. After reading the Feminine Face of God, by Patricia Hopkins and Sherry Anderson, a vision was revealed to her to create a conference and bring women spiritual leaders to Seattle, which quickly evolved into creating a community of women. The Women of Wisdom Conference was birthed in 1993, and developed into an annual event in Seattle, that drew thousands for a week long gathering.
In 1998 she founded the non-profit organization, Women of Wisdom Foundation, and has followed her passion to empower women to find their voices and share their stories and gifts with each other and the world. Connected with women leaders such as Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Shinoda Bolen, and Marion Woodman, Kris brings important messages to women around the world.
Her Circle Leadership model, developed as Executive Director of Women of Wisdom, draws on each group member’s individual leadership strengths and knowledge to foster community-based decision making. It gives her great pleasure to share with you the inherent gift of women’s wisdom that will restore health, peace, and light to our world.
Kris is the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling, award winning book Women of Wisdom, Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women. In the book she inspires others to discover their divine feminine essence, their spiritual journey, and purpose through sharing women’s stories, art and poetry from the WOW community.
Kris brings a powerful hour of women sharing their gifts and stories to the world. For the listener, new windows of possibilities are opened for them to grow and heal. Kris’s mission is to bring the experience of the Divine Feminine to the world and encourage women to find their voices and share their stories. Kris believes it is time for women to be leaders and honor and respect the feminine within all of us.
Jean Houston gave a tribute honoring Kris’s work at Women of Wisdom, stating “Kris has impacted thousands of women”, and through the ripple effect, as every women influences each other through their healing journeys, many more woman are making a difference in the world.  She was honored at the Women’s Summit Empowerment in 2009, and received a leadership award from The Women’s Information Network at the Global Women’s Summit.
In addition to creating sacred space for women to circle, Kris’s passions include travel, art and culture, gardening, and reading.  Currently she’s involved with Seattle’s Amazing Grace Spiritual Center’s Global Service Team and travels to Cambodia and Kenya to volunteer in building schools in villages there.
She was born in Seattle, WA, where she still resides, with her husband of 31 years, and two cats.
You can connect with Kris Steinnes at:, and

Kris brings inspiration to thousands of women who are seeking support for personal growth in this challenging time we’re living in.  I interview women who have developed their expertise and gifts in their unique fashion, to guide us through the complex issues that are impacting us in our daily lives, and to remind us everyone has the ability to do this for themselves.

Listen live Wednesdays 4PM on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!


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Caroline 3

The Empowered Lightworker

Tuesdays 2pm eastern.

Caroline Oceana Ryan:

Caroline Oceana Ryan is an author, speaker, and channeler who has channeled
information from Angels and spirit guides since childhood.

She currently channels the Divine wisdom and higher energies of the
Collective, a group of higher beings that includes the Ascended Masters,
numerous Angels and Archangels, Faery elders, Earth’s elementals, Galactic
family members, and other higher guides who are here to support us as we
Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Caroline is the author of four books channeled from the Collective:
The Ascension Manual – Parts One and Two, Abundance For All: The Lightworker’s Way to
Creating Money and True Wealth, and Connections: The Collective Speak on
Romance and Friendship.

Her first book, Adventures in Belfast: Northern Irish Life After the Peace
Agreement (2014), chronicles life in Northern Ireland after the end of the
30-year conflict known as the Troubles.

Caroline is a frequent guest on spiritual growth telesummits and internet

She holds an MA in education and theological studies from the Union
Theological Seminary in New York, and currently lives in Arizona.


The Empowered Lightworker:

Each week on *The Empowered Lightworker*, we dive into a
topic that affects your everyday life—health and well-being, relationships,
abundance, life purpose, new and empowering technologies, our Galactic
origins, and more.

Be a part of the discussion, as author and channeler Caroline Oceana Ryan
interviews leading edge inventors, healers, energy workers, psychics, ET
experiencers, authors, and filmmakers.

She also channels the Collective, a group of Angels, Archangels, Earth
elementals, Galactic family members, and other higher beings here to assist
us as we Ascend into fifth dimensional life.

Call in with a question for our guest or for the Collective, or just open
to receive the flow of higher energies that are here to support your life

Join us LIVE on Thursdays at 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern on the BBM
Global Network and TuneIn Radio!

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Jon 3

Reclaiming Your Sacred Path

Tuesdays 9pm eastern!

Please join Jon on Reclaiming Your Sacred Path – this is your opportunity to strengthen your connection with who you really are: A spiritual being who chose to enter into a physical experience for your soul’s expansion and growth.  Jon brings bring his experience as an author, educator, and healing practitioner to share a process for choosing your own Spiritual direction, obtain guidance directly from Spirit, focus and direct energy, and walk your life path with integrity.

Reclaiming Your Sacred Path will feature discussions with Shamans, energy healers, behavioral scientists, mediums, practitioners of multiple forms of divination, all to support you in learning to listen to your inner wisdom and the guides and Spiritual support that surround you, choosing the path to take, embracing your spiritual autonomy, and resuming your heart-centered spiritual journey with clarity and confidence.

Today, Jon owns the Center for Power and Healing in Seattle Washington – a practice devoted to Reiki and Shamanic healing and personal growth and change.  Jon offers healing services, training in all levels of Reiki healing, and workshops and classes in Shamanism, divination, and applied spirituality.

In 2016, Jon published Reclaiming Your Sacred Path: Using Divination, Manifestation, and Healing to Resume Your Spiritual Journey, combining the best of personal learning and growth approaches with the metaphysical principles of obtaining your own spiritual guidance, setting intention and manifesting your ideal path, and healing from the stresses of the journey.

For over 35 years, Jon has worked in corporate leadership development roles while also walking my Spiritual path.  And he discovered that whether in our work, our spiritual practice or our social network, fulfilling our purpose is all about learning to create and continuously affirm a vision for your life; clarify your deepest values and turn them into principles to guide your every step and decision; see every ego attack as an opportunity to release an energetic block and choose love; and set – and act on – your intentions for connection with Spirit and walking your path with heart.  In the corporate world, Jon has worked with hundreds of leaders from first line supervisors to CEOs, helping them and their teams define their mission and purpose, assess their values, develop their ethical and guiding business principles, and create their plans to make things happen for their people and their customers.  Jon has helped them look within for purpose and guidance – otherwise known as divination; create and act on intentions and plans, – otherwise known as manifestation; and identify and remove obstacles to their effectiveness – otherwise known as healing.

“We’re all on the way to the same destination, but we choose our own pathway home and experiences that help us grow along the way.”


Listen live Tuesdays 9pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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