Reclaiming Your Sacred Path

Tuesdays 9pm eastern!

Please join Jon on Reclaiming Your Sacred Path – this is your opportunity to strengthen your connection with who you really are: A spiritual being who chose to enter into a physical experience for your soul’s expansion and growth.  Jon brings bring his experience as an author, educator, and healing practitioner to share a process for choosing your own Spiritual direction, obtain guidance directly from Spirit, focus and direct energy, and walk your life path with integrity.

Reclaiming Your Sacred Path will feature discussions with Shamans, energy healers, behavioral scientists, mediums, practitioners of multiple forms of divination, all to support you in learning to listen to your inner wisdom and the guides and Spiritual support that surround you, choosing the path to take, embracing your spiritual autonomy, and resuming your heart-centered spiritual journey with clarity and confidence.

Today, Jon owns the Center for Power and Healing in Seattle Washington – a practice devoted to Reiki and Shamanic healing and personal growth and change.  Jon offers healing services, training in all levels of Reiki healing, and workshops and classes in Shamanism, divination, and applied spirituality.

In 2016, Jon published Reclaiming Your Sacred Path: Using Divination, Manifestation, and Healing to Resume Your Spiritual Journey, combining the best of personal learning and growth approaches with the metaphysical principles of obtaining your own spiritual guidance, setting intention and manifesting your ideal path, and healing from the stresses of the journey.

For over 35 years, Jon has worked in corporate leadership development roles while also walking my Spiritual path.  And he discovered that whether in our work, our spiritual practice or our social network, fulfilling our purpose is all about learning to create and continuously affirm a vision for your life; clarify your deepest values and turn them into principles to guide your every step and decision; see every ego attack as an opportunity to release an energetic block and choose love; and set – and act on – your intentions for connection with Spirit and walking your path with heart.  In the corporate world, Jon has worked with hundreds of leaders from first line supervisors to CEOs, helping them and their teams define their mission and purpose, assess their values, develop their ethical and guiding business principles, and create their plans to make things happen for their people and their customers.  Jon has helped them look within for purpose and guidance – otherwise known as divination; create and act on intentions and plans, – otherwise known as manifestation; and identify and remove obstacles to their effectiveness – otherwise known as healing.

“We’re all on the way to the same destination, but we choose our own pathway home and experiences that help us grow along the way.”


Listen live Tuesdays 9pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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