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Whether you want to be happier and more fulfilled or you’re looking to transform your life, the first step is to change your perspective.

Frances Holinda, MBA-HCM, CPC, is a self-described “Perspectives Coach” and the founder of Perspectives Personal Coaching, where she helps clients “shift” their perspective to better manage life’s daily challenges with greater ease and less stress. Fran coaches her clients to reach their goals, get “unstuck” and find purpose.

“Not everyone wants to transform but we all want to be happy,” says Fran. “My philosophy at Perspectives Personal Coaching is if you can change your perspective, you can change your life, and I know because I’ve done it. Now it’s your time to shine.”

According to Fran, we are all wired for negativity. To combat this, Fran has developed three steps to help clients make their shift in perspective real: Recognize, Refocus and Rewire.

Recently, Fran has launched a new program called #perspectiveshift. In fact, Fran believes in her program so strongly she has the hashtag tattooed on her arm.

“I changed my thinking and I’m proud of my reinvention so I want to see it every day,” says Fran. “Every time I’m challenged or feeling down, I look at my arm and it fuels me.”

Fran says changing your perspective isn’t necessarily about finding the good in everything. It’s not about rose-colored glasses. It’s about being realistic. If you can take something from every experience and use it in a positive way, you can lead a full, productive, happy life.  Listen Mondays 5pm eastern on The BBM Global Network and Tunein Radio!

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Ryan Greene on 30.06.2016 / Reply

Is it just me, or is Frances smoking hot.!.!.!

Frances Holinda on 14.07.2016 / Reply

You are too kind Ryan! Thank you!

Frances Holinda on 15.07.2016 / Reply

You are too kind, thank you Ryan Greene! I hope you enjoy the show as well.

Frances Holinda on 19.07.2016 / Reply

I am delighted that you and your colleague found the show valuable. Please let me know what topic you would explored further. I hope you will continue to listen.

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