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The Kelly Ballard Show – Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond

Enlightening, healing, humorous, and compassionate! Welcome to The Kelly Ballard Show:  Insight & Inspiration from the Great Beyond. This show is about connecting you with the Spirit.  Get answers and guidance from your loved-ones on the other side, listen as we cover topics ranging from grief, spirit guides, old fashioned mediumship, listening to your intuition, mediumistic children, opening yourself back up to Spirit, and a variety of incredible spiritual topics!

Kelly Ballard is a fourth-generation Medium and Intuitive, as well as a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She has been in practice and spiritual education for well over 15 years! Kelly considers herself to be the “channel” between you and Spirit. However she can help to serve Spirit, she is happy to do so.
Each weekly show will have a theme to focus on, sometimes a guest, and Kelly will always close the show with a chance for you to call in and connect in with one of your loved-ones on the other side.  Kelly is known for her ability to bring messages from those in the Spirit world, delivered with a little bit of humor and a lot of healing. Her warm and loving energy radiates truth and integrity in all of her work as a Medium and an Intuitive. She works with Spirit to help facilitate healing and closure in her life’s work.
The Kelly Ballard Show’s focus is to share unprecedented knowledge and methods to help you along on your unique spiritual path.
About Kelly
Kelly Ballard is a fourth-generation Medium and Intuitive and has more than 15 years of professional experience using her Mediumship. Kelly, a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, teaches classes in Intuitive and Mediumship Development, holds various workshops from connecting with your Spirit Guides to Using the Law of Attraction, and is currently teaching all Reiki Healing levels. She holds a Bachelors degree in English from the University of Albany in Albany, New York, and has released two guided meditation CDs, “Beginnings” in 2009 and “Courage” in 2014. Her third mediation CD is in the works and geared for children. Kelly is also in the process of creating a children’s book based upon her experiences with Mediumship and her children.
For several years now, Kelly has been contacted to do Intuitive or Mediumistic Consultations and speaking engagements for many Businesses large and small across the State; Community Groups & Organizations; University Classes; Therapists and Social Workers; Local & State Police Departments; and Real Estate Agents/New Home Buyers.
As an Ordained Minister, this life-changing and affirming experience has shaped her relationship with Spirit in the most amazing ways. She has performed over 60 weddings to date, and also has had the privilege of working with families to create a healing and nurturing memorial services for their departed loved-ones. It has been an incredibly gratifying experience to continue serving Spirit and her clients in this very personal way.
Kelly was also a frequent guest on “Natural Instincts” on WTBN 1370am, based out of Bennington, Vermont, was a regular guest on a daily morning show on 104.9 The Edge, in Albany, NY, and hosted her own Radio Talk Show on the Transformation Talk Radio network. She was also interviewed for a front page story for the Troy Record newspaper and was featured as a “Woman of the Week” in Russell Sage College’s newspaper.

Besides being a mommy and wife, Kelly is currently working full-time as a Medium and sees clients for private readings at her office space in Clifton Park, New York and works with clients nationally and internationally over the phone.

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stephanie on 13.06.2016 / Reply

Is there a specific length of time after a death before the spirit can come through?

Kelly Ballard on 22.06.2016 / Reply

Hi Stephanie – each Spirit is different (just like us!) – however most Spirits are able to communicate in some fashion quiet easily after they transition to the other side.

Kelly Ballard on 23.06.2016 / Reply

Hi Stephanie – great question! All Spirits (like us humans) do things in their own time, so I do not believe that there is a specific length of time after a Spirit passes that they can communicate with us. I’ve had Spirits comes through as early as hours after their passing to give me a sign that they’ve transitioned. I think it all depends on the Spirit, and of course the human — how open the human person is to receiving the message from their loved-one too.

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